Friday 1 January 2016


It is now 2016.

Right now, this is all you're getting: a chord from the new album.
2015 mainly saw me holed up in my studio, which I have now somewhat amusingly named 'The Mattcave'. See what I did there? Aside from a couple of live outings here and there, I've mainly been working on this new album of mine that I've been going on about for some time now. I'm very pleased to report that I am now in the final mixing stages. I've been working extremely hard on this and, for better or worse, it's occupied the majority of my brainspace for a long time, but at last, I plan to finish the mix next week. Then, it will be sent off to be mastered, and the artwork will be finished. I'm very excited about seeing and hearing the finished work, and you'll get your chance very soon too. Details - along with aural and visual samples - will be released in the coming weeks, so keep checking here and on my Facebook page for news.

I also recently collaborated with longtime friend zpink, aka London Below. After working on some remixes for a couple of songs from my new album, he kindly invited me to sing on a festive song he'd written, called 'Tell Me Your Story'. It certainly sounds nothing like my own material, but we were both very pleased with the results. Christmas may have come and gone, but hopefully you will still find the message of the song as relevant as ever. Have a listen to it here!

One more thing for now. If you've been following me on Facebook you may have seen that I've recorded a track for a new tribute album to the stupendous doom metal band My Dying Bride. I covered their song 'Black God', which I felt perfectly suited my concurrent solo work. Like the solo album, details of this tribute - and how and where to listen or buy a copy - will be revealed imminently.

In other words, 2015 was busy for me, and there's quite a lot going on. I anticipate that 2016 will be even busier...I will have it no other way! I can't wait to get this stuff out to you.

More very soon.


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